Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

9 April – 13 April 2018 

Our 5 day ( 40 hours) Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Course is designed to give the participants a basic foundation on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. The focus of this intensive course is to provide the participants knowledge of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis through the application of concepts of biology, biochemistry, physics and mathematics to objectively define and reconstruct events associated in a bloodletting event. This training will give participants a unique opportunity to acquire first-hand knowledge of the bloodstain pattern analysis through lectures of theory, demonstrations and hand-on practical laboratory exercises.
This course is designed for all levels of law enforcement personnel, especially those who search for blood at scenes as well as on articles of physical evidence, investigators, crime scene personnel, attorneys, prosecutors, judges, medico legal investigators and participants studying forensics science and/or criminal justice.
This 40 hour basic course follows the recommended training guideline as set forth by the Scientific Working Group for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (SWGSTAIN) and the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (IABPA).
Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis course ( 40 Hours)



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