DeWayne Morris | Vice President, Region III (Central)

Sergeant DeWayne Morris has been employed as a police officer by the Illinois State Police for seventeen years. Early in his career, DeWayne held positions as canine handler and field training officer. In 2003, DeWayne was accepted into the Division of Forensic Services and was trained for the position of Crime Scene Investigator. It was during that time that DeWayne began training in the field of bloodstain pattern analysis.

In 2009, the Illinois State Police created a Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Section. DeWayne was selected as the Southern Illinois Bloodstain Pattern Analyst. In 2011, DeWayne was appointed Senior Bloodstain Pattern Analyst and Supervisor of the Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Section.

DeWayne is a certified instructor by the Illinois Training and Standards Board and has provided training in various crime scene related topics including bloodstain pattern analysis to law enforcement, academia, and judiciaries.

In 2008, DeWayne became a member of the IABPA. During his membership with the IABPA, DeWayne has held positions on the Committee for Legislative Review, the BPA Certification Committee, and the SWGSTAIN Document Review Committee. DeWayne has attended five IABPA training conferences including the most recent European conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. DeWayne has given presentations at each training conference.  DeWayne has been recognized by courts as an expert in the fields of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Crime Scene Reconstruction.

Other forensic organizations which DeWayne is a member include the International Association for Identification (IAI), the Illinois Division of the International Association for Identification (IDIAI), Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction (ACSR), and the Rocky Mountain Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (RMABPA). DeWayne is a past president of the Illinois Division of IAI.