Gord Lefebvre | Vice President, Region IV (Eastern)



Gord became a member of the IABPA in 2003. Since that time he has attended many of the IABPA training conferences and has delivered presentations as well as providing workshop training.

Gord has 30 years policing service with the Ontario Provincial Police. He has spent the last 20 years of his career within the forensic identification program. He currently holds the rank of Identification Staff Sergeant and he is the Regional Manager for the O.P.P. East Region Forensic Identification Services.

Gord is responsible for the delivery of forensic services from three deployed FIS units located at Belleville, Smiths Falls and Long Sault. He is also the BPA Program Manager for the O.P.P.
Gord began his involvement in BPA with a basic course in 2000, following that he began a BPA understudy in 2002 and was certified as a BPA by the Ontario Police College in 2003. Since that time, Gord has contributed to several investigations involving bloodstain pattern analysis. He has qualified and offered expert evidence in many Canadian criminal court proceedings.

Gord is a strong advocate of training and has presented many lectures on BPA, as well as delivery of training in Basic, Advanced and Math and Physic courses. His training experiences have included visits to the Netherlands Forensic Institute to deliver BPA courses. Gord has also participated and supports research opportunities to strengthen the BPA discipline. He was a member of SWGSTAIN from 2010-2014 serving on the Quality Assurance subcommittee.
Gord is also a member of the Canadian Identification Society, and the International Association of Identification.