Membership Application and Fees

If you are submitting an application and payment for a NEW membership, you are required to complete the membership application form and email any required supporting documentation (a 'provisional' membership requires a copy of a certificate of course completion) to the IABPA Secretary/Treasurer, Norman Reeves at .



To apply for membership and pay by mail with a check or purchase order, 'Buy' the applicable fee, complete the registration form, 'Print this Page' and mail with your payment (payable to the IABPA in US dollars) and any required supporting documentation to:

Norman Reeves
IABPA Secretary Treasurer
12139 East Makohoh Trail
Tucson, AZ, USA


Voice: 520.760.6620

Fax: 520.760.5590

A 'general interest' member who has NOT completed an approved basic bloodstain pattern analysis course.
$40.00 US
Requires the successful completion of a 40 hour approved basic course in Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation AND sponsorship by a 'Full Member' of the IABPA.
$40.00 US
For current members only.
$40.00 US