Rich Tewes | Vice President Region II (Mountain)


Rich is currently the Director of Forensic Services at Pioneer Forensics in Loveland, Colorado.  A majority of his time is dedicated to the research and development of bloodstain pattern analysis practices, training and case reviews. 

Rich has over 27 year’s professional experience working in Criminalistics and Crime Scene Investigation working both sworn and civilian as a Police Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, Criminalist and Crime Scene Analyst. He has developed and instructed in excess of eighty courses in the disciplines of blood stain pattern analysis, crime scene and physical evidence practices. He has provided forensic consulting and testimony for judges, prosecutors, defense and civil counselors. He is a frequent lecturer and adviser for academic universities, BAR associations, department of defense, foreign governments and law enforcement agencies.

Rich has researched and co-authored several articles published the Journal of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (IABPA), Journal of Forensic Identification (IAI), Information Bulletin for Shoeprint/Toolmark Examiners (IBSTE)  Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction Journal (ACSR) sharing information and research with other investigators. He has served as Chairman of the Education Committee, Vice-President and President for the Rocky Mountain Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts. Rich is co-creator of the Colorado Forensic Footwear Information Network (COFFIN).

Rich holds active IAI certifications for Senior Crime Scene Analyst (CSCSA), Footwear Comparison (CFWE) and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (CBPE).  He is a court recognized expert in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Footwear Identification and Crime Scene Analysis.