Visualization Of Latent Bloodstain Course ( 40 hours)
25 June – 29 June 2018 
This course will provide the participants with first-hand knowledge of how and when to employ searching and enhancement techniques to visualize latent bloodstains. Students will acquire first-hand knowledge of the benefits as well as the limitations of commonly utilized chemical searching and enhancement techniques.
The course is divided into both lecture and laboratory sessions. The theoretical and fundamental principles related to the chemical searching and enhancement techniques for latent bloodstains will be illustrated in the lecture segments. These principles will then be reinforced in the laboratory segments where students will have an opportunity to utilize the methods discussed in lecture.
Upon completion of this course, the participants will have acquired a basic understanding of how and when to utilize blood searching and enhancing chemicals to assist in their investigation where latent blood is suspected.
This course is recommended for investigators, crime scene technicians, and forensic scientists who search for blood at crime scenes as well as on articles of physical evidence


- Martin Eversdijk

- René Gelderman



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